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The Cape Law Society is the statutory body responsible for the administration of the Attorneys' Profession in the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape.

Law Society Notices & Updates

Attorneys Admission Exams - Feb 2015 RESULTS
8 April 2015

Results for the FEBRUARY 2015Attorneys Admission Examinations are now available. Also available is the ORAL SCHEDULE for Cape Town and George Candidates. Please note that one file has been uploaded that contains the results as well as the aforementioned ORAL SCHEDULE. The file also includes the REMARK application form, although the application form may also be accessed separately via the EXAMINATIONS page of the website.

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Chief Masters Directive 01 of 2015 - Appointment ito the National Listing of Insolvency Practitioners
1 April 2015

This Directive recalls the Chief Masters Directive 02 of 2014, which is still subject to litigation.

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Legal Practice Act
1 April 2015

Members are advised that the Legal Practice Act, No 28 of 2014 was published in Government Gazette no 38022 of 22 September 2014. On 1 February 2015, PARTS 1 and 2 of CHAPTER 10 of the Act became effective (NATIONAL FORUM and TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS.

The aim of the Act is rovide a legislative framework for the transformation and restructuring of the legal profession in line with constitutional imperatives so as to facilitate and enhance an independent legal profession that broadly reflects the diversity and demographics of the Republic; to provide for the establishment, powers and functions of a single South African Legal Practice Council and Provincial Councils in order to regulate the affairs of legal practitioners and to set norms and standards; to provide for the admission and enrolment of legal practitioners; to regulate the professional conduct of legal practitioners so as to ensure accountable conduct; to provide for the establishment of an Office of a Legal Services Ombud and for the appointment, powers and functions of a Legal Services Ombud; to provide for a Legal Practitioners?Fidelity Fund and a Board of Control for the Fidelity Fund; to provide for the establishment, powers and functions of a National Forum on the Legal Profession; and to provide for matters connected therewith.?

Visit the LSSA website for tasks that the National Forum must perform within 24 months after 1 February 2015:,372,Tasks+of+the+National+Forum+on+the+Legal+Profession

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Amendment to High Court and Magistrates Court Tariff
30 January 2015

The amendment to the High Court and Magistrates Court tariffs, as gazetted on 23 January 2015 takes effect on 24 February 2015.

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Judicial Vacanies 2015
22 January 2015

Members are referred to the Media announcement with respect to Judicial Vacancies. Closing date for applications is 13 February 2015.

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Uniform Rules Update
20 January 2015

Members are reminded that the Uniform Rules (with amendments) were adopted and approved by members at the Societyಿ4 Annual General Meeting. The Rules have been referred to the Judges Presidents in the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape Provinces for consideration. Should approval be received from the Judges Presidents, these will in turn be referred to the Honourable Chief Justice for further consideration.

Members will be kept apprised of progress.

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Examination Dates and Registration Forms for 2015
10 December 2014

Registration Forms for the 2015 Examinations are now available. Kindly ensure that when applying to write any one of the Professional examinations, the relevant registration form is completed along with submission of the relevant fee and any necessary documentary proof insofar as it relates to being entitled to write the examinations.

The Society applies strict adherence to the CLOSING dates, thus no late applications will be accepted.

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Conveyancing Examination Results - Sep 2014
10 December 2014

Examination Results for the September 2014 Conveyancing Examinations are now available.

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Notarial Practice Examination Results - Oct 2014
9 December 2014

Notarial Practice Examination Results for the October 2014 examinations now available.

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New Conveyancing Guidelines - Effective 15 September 2014
10 September 2014

Please be advised that new CONVEYANCING GUIDELINES, take effect on 15 September 2014.

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28 August 2014

A vacancy for a Professional Assistant exists within the Societys Administration Department..

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FIC - Update Notice to All Attorneys in South Africa
26 August 2014

Members are referred to the update issued by FIC, dealing with the following aspects:
?Registration with FIC;
?Reporting to FIC;
?Cash Threshold Reporting (Section 28);
?Terrorist Property Reporting (Section 28A);
?Suspicious And Unusual Transaction Reporting (Section 29).

Members who have not as yet registered with the FIC are urged to do so as soon as possible. In terms of section 43B of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, Act No. 38 of 2001, as amended (the FIC Act), all attorneys are obligated to register with the Centre

Members are further reminded the new revised guide for Registered Auditors, which is to be applied when conducting the Trust Audits of Attorneys (as issued by the Independent Regulatory Board ₿for Auditors during February 2014) brings about certain changes to the trust audit reporting requirements; amongst which includes confirmation that registration with FIC has been complied with.

The Society offers assistance with the on-line registration process, particularly to sole practitioners. In this regard, please liaise with Thergesari Roberts (

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Upliftment of Files at the Western Cape High Court
26 August 2014

The Society has received Notice from the Chief Registrar at the Western Cape High Court regarding changes to the process in which files are uplifted from aforementioned Court. The following advices have been received from the Registrar:
?Parties will not be able to uplift files on the same day as the request, unless the matter is on the roll or on good cause is shown to the Registrar of the relevant section or the Chief Registrar;
?Rule 62(7) of the High Court Rules, which reads as follows:
party to a cause, and any person having a personal interest therein with leave of the registrar on good cause shown, may at his office, examine and make copies of all documents in such cause?has been enforced at the Western Cape High Court, with effect from 26 August 2014.
?In order to facilitate compliance with the Rule, a revised upliftment form has been drawn up [this form is subject to change]

Date of Effectiveness of Court-Annexed Mediation Rules
26 August 2014

As per Notice No. 571 published in the Government Gazette No. 37848, dated 18 July 2014, the date of ? August 2014?has been substituted with the date of ? December 2014?as the date on which the Court-Annexed Mediation Rules would come into operation.

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Cape Law Society Vacancy - Business Development Official
26 August 2014

Vacancy for a Business Development Official exists at the Cape Law Society.

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Amended Magistrates Court Rules as Gazetted June 2014
17 July 2014

"The Rules Board for Courts of Law has, under section 6 of the Rules Board for
Courts of Law Act, 1985 (Act No. 107 of 1985), with the approval of the Minister
of Justice and Constitutional Development, made the rules in the Schedule"

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First Interview Scheme
17 July 2014

Members are encouraged to participate in the FIRST INTERVIEW SCHEME.

The FIRST INTERVIEW SCHEME is essentially a scheme whereby legal advice/consultation offered during the first half hour is done free of charge. Consultation going beyond the half hour or further work that may emanate from the first half hour of consultation would be as per the normal applicable tariffs.

The scheme will work on a rotational basis; members of the public will be referred to the relevant specialist attorney based in the town in which the client works or resides.

The first free half hour consultation will not constitute pro bono work, furthermore participation is voluntary.

Members wishing to participate are encouraged to complete the on-line registration form (click on READ MORE to access form), alternatively to forward an email to indicating your interest.

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Amended Monetary Jurisdiction - District Courts
12 June 2014

The monetary jurisdiction of the District Courts has been amended with the effective dated thereof being 1 JUNE 2014.

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Amended Monetary Jurisdiction - Regional Courts
12 June 2014

The monetary jurisdiction of the Regional Courts has been amended with the effective dated thereof being 1 JUNE 2014

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New Guide Issued by IRBA - Engagement on Attorneys Trust Accounts
22 April 2014

A revised guide for Registered Auditors to be applied when conducting the Trust Audits of Attorneys was issued by the Independent Regulatory Board ₿for Auditors during February 2014 and replaces the previous SAICA guide ?婤ance for Auditors: The Auditors of Attorneys?Trust Accounts in terms of the Attorneys Act, No 53 of 1979, and applicable Rules of the Provincial Law eties? The ቃA guide?was essentially withdrawn by the IRBA.

This guide for Registered Auditors: Engagements on Attorneys Trust Accounts (this Guide) was prepared by a Task Group of the Committee for Auditing Standards (CFAS) of the IRBA, which comprised of auditors and representatives of the Provincial Law Societies, the Law Society of South Africa and the Attorneys Fidelity Fund. This Guide was approved by IRBA for issue on 28 February 2014.

It is brought to Members?attention that the new guide brings about certain changes to the trust audit reporting requirements; in particular that Attorneys are required to prepare an Annual Statement on their Trust Account(s), which contains compliance representations to the Cape Law Society, together with information extracted from their accounting records. The information sought in the Attorneys Annual Statement on Trust Account(s) was previously dealt with in the Accountantಥport. The requirement is thus that the Attorneynnual Statement on the Trust Account must accompany the Auditorಥport and would form the basis conducting the Attorneys trust audit.

The change is meant to highlight the responsibility of both the attorney and registered auditor. The attorney is responsible for ensuring that the trust accounts are maintained in compliance with the Act and Rules. The auditor is responsible for expressing a reasonable assurance opinion on the compliance of the Attorneys trust accounts, in all material respects, with the Act and Rules, based on the audit procedures performed, and to report their audit finding(s) and/or opinion(s) on the Attorneynnual Statement on the Trust Accounts.

The Cape Law Society Council, at its March 2014 meeting, resolved that the current and proposed new format audit reports would be accepted by the Society, but that the new format audit report only be accepted if the Attorneys Annual Statement of Account was attached to the auditorಥport on submission thereof to the Society.

The changes to the reports should be discussed with your auditor who will be able to provide further information and guidance in this regard.

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Cape Law Society Vacancy - Professional Assistant
6 February 2014

A vacancy for a Professional Assistant within the Societys Professional Affairs Department, presently exists.

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Western Cape High Court Name Change with Immediate Effect
6 December 2013

Members are advised of the Name Change in relation to the High Court - Cape Town..

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Eastern Cape Division - High Court Name Changes
6 December 2013

Practice Directive issued by the Judge President, Eastern Cape Division.

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